Sourcing the highest quality European linen, The Flax Co. is uncompromising in quality, ensuring all materials are eco-friendly. Striving for sustainability at every stage, we use Oeko-Tex certified and organic natural fibres that are gentle on the planet from production through to the end of their life. Our linen products are 100% Australian Made locally, with an emphasis on supporting local small business and individuals. In fact, with the exception of the European linen, everything is sourced within a 70km radius, using only local suppliers. Each material is intentionally chosen, as we strive to continuously work towards offering the greenest products possible. Our products are constructed to an exceptional standard, quality made to last and designed to support slow living; to put value back in to our possessions and shift away from excessive consumerism.

Each product is designed to provide longevity and allow our customers to embrace reusables. It is our vision to provide high quality, long lasting and sustainable products, at affordable prices.


Born out of a love for our planet and a passion for realising our individual impact, The Flax Co. was created to provide package free alternatives, using sustainable materials, so beautiful you will always remember to bring them along with you.

Beginning with a humble linen bread bag, which was soon followed with linen produce bags, The Flax Co. now has a growing range of products each aimed at supporting you in reducing reliance on single use plastic and packaging. In choosing reusable products, we are choosing to make a sustainable personal impact on our planet, both now and for future generations.

We aspire to simplify lifestyles; to value our belongings, and take pleasure in supporting local small business, farmers and artisans. Above all, to be conscious and intentional with what we put in to our bodies and our environment.


Use of the flax plant in textiles dates back many thousands of years. Today this luxe textile continues to be preferred over other natural fibres. Linen is not only beautiful, but due to its unique qualities and longevity it really is in a league of its own.
In production, linen has a smaller environmental footprint than cotton, requiring less water and less chemicals, making it an ideal fabric for your body and your food.
Linen is breathable and naturally has antibacterial and hygroscopic properties, meaning it absorbs moisture without becoming damp. These qualities combined allows produce to keep fresher for far longer. Linen is particularly durable, so much so that in some families it has been passed down between generations as a family heirloom. At the end of its life linen will return back to the earth as it is completely biodegradable.